The Duchess Effect

Sorry, Lady Gaga. You may be more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II according to Forbes Magazine, but when it comes to fashion you're no match for Britain's Duchess of Cambridge — or her sister Pippa's bum. Both feature on the Global Language Monitor's list of Top Fashion Buzzwords for 2012, while the previously buzzworthy Lady Gaga has been forgotten. That's the power of a royal wedding…

4 Replies to “The Duchess Effect”

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen both for her excellent taste in clothes but also her physical beauty and her kindness and caring for others shows also!

    The Duchess of Cambridge has done wonders for promoting British Fashion and I hope she continues to do so!


    1. Hi, Sharon – thank you for being the first person to comment here on my new site! I agree with your remarks about Kate. One of the things I like about her is that she has her own style: wears her hair as long as she likes, does her own makeup, picks out her own clothes etc. She has a lot of confidence, so it doesn't surprise me if she's influencing fashion.

  2. Seriously speaking, I am not impress with Kate's fashion. She always look dull and boring and her fashion sense is so old fashion. If there is one commoner who really transformed into royalty in the correct sense of the word is Queen Rania of Jordan. In my own opinion, Princess Charlene of Monaco and Princess Letezia of Spain are more glamorous and gorgeous than Kate Middleton. Their taste of fashion is more "royal" than the classless Kate.

    1. My previous reply to your comment got lost amidst all the blog changes, but thank you for sharing your perspective. I'd like to see Princess Charlene wear less beige because I find it so boring on her, but she has natural glamor, and Princess Letizia and Queen Rania are, of course, amazing beauties.

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