Royal Book Cover of the Month – March 2012

Once again it's time to pick the best royal book cover of the month. It was a lot of fun last month, and I hope we'll get plenty of great comments again this month.

How to participate: Take a look at the book covers below, then leave a comment on this blog post to tell me which cover you think is the best, and why.

You can click each cover to see a larger image:

(UPDATE: Sorry, when I moved the blog to a new domain, the images got lost along the way.)

Visit the Books page to learn more about these books and others published in March 2012.

If you want to vote for a book cover that isn't shown here, that's fine as long as it's a printed book (not an e-book only) with a royal theme, published in the US in March 2012 (or currently scheduled for March 2012). One vote per person, please.

I'll update this post sometime around April 1 to announce the winner! And, again, if no one votes, I'll just have to pick a winner myself. But I'd rather get YOUR vote.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed! Thank you to all who participated. I'll officially announce the winner in a day or two, and will link to that post from here.

9 Replies to “Royal Book Cover of the Month – March 2012”

  1. My vote is for "Winter King". It catches the eye, which is then drawn to all the information. A lot of the latter packed into a small space but still looking elegant.

  2. Although one of the other book covers has very beautiful, intricate artwork, I just can't resist the charm of William and Kate. The picture of them just prior to "the kiss" is romance personified! Therefore, I vote for "The Secret of the Crown" as the book cover of the month.

  3. Thank you both for your great comments! So at the moment we have a tie between Winter King and The Secret of the Crown…

    (By the way, there was a problem earlier with the comments being placed under the larger cover images instead of on this post, but I have fixed it. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

  4. The book "The Sultan's Fountain" should be a fascinating read. You don't see much written about Middle Eastern royalty in English.

  5. Thank you, Elisa! Now it's a three-way tie. If necessary, I'll cast a tie-breaking vote at the end of the month, but I hope to receive many more comments before then.

  6. I'll cast my vote for "The Winter King". A very eye catching book which covers one of the most fascinating (to me) era's of British Monarcy. You hear quite a lot about Henry VIII but not as much about his father who "founded" the Tudor's.

  7. My vote goes to "Clash of Crowns". William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine… the cover of the book reflects an era of fights, of great battles and achievements and of great kings and queens. This cover represents one of those beautiful medieval illuminures you still can see at the cathedrals or perhaps a tapestry made by a lady of the court.

  8. Thank you, Eddy and Maria! The covers this month are very good so it's no wonder almost all of the have received votes. Right now Winter King is in the lead with two votes.

  9. Voting is now closed! However, it's OK to continue commenting in this thread if you wish. The winner will be officially announced in another post.

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