Sneak peek: April 2012 new royalty books

Next month will bring us a controversial book about Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, a biography of William the Conqueror's wife, a novel set in the court of Henry VIII, and much more. Here's your sneak peek. (As always, publication dates are subject to change.)

The full list of new royal books will be published on the Books page on April 1.

Queen of the Conqueror by Tracy Borman. Biography of Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror.

Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court by Robert Hardman. A biography with 16 pages of color illustrations.

The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon by Lady Colin Campbell. Promises "stunning revelations" about Britain's Queen Mother, wife of George VI and mother of Elizabeth II.

The Kings' Mistresses by Elizabeth C. Goldsmith. About the Mancini sisters, members of the court of Louis XIV. They abandoned their husbands and took to the road, and their scandalous behavior became a sensation.

A Bride for the Tsar by Russell E. Martin. From 1505 to 1689, Russia's most beautiful aristocratic maidens took part in bride shows where the tsars chose their wives.

Keeper of the King's Secrets by Michelle Diener. Fiction. King Henry VIII's personal artist, Susanna Horenbout, searches for a missing diamond.

The Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mossanen. An orphaned girl finds herself at the heart of the Russian royal family. (Fiction.)

If I could only read one of these books, I think I would pick Queen of the Conqueror because I'd like to know more about Matilda of Flanders. Which book would you choose?

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