Best March 2012 Royal Book Cover: Winter King

A few weeks ago, I asked this blog's readers to vote for the best royal book cover of March 2012. The votes are in, and the Royal Book Cover of the Month is (drumroll, please)…


Winter King by Thomas Penn tells the story of English monarch Henry VII and the dawn of the Tudor era.

Here's what blog visitors had to say about this book's cover:

My vote is for "Winter King". It catches the eye, which is then drawn to all the information. A lot of the latter packed into a small space but still looking elegant. –P.L. Smith

A very eye catching book which covers one of the most fascinating (to me) eras of British monarchy. –Eddy

Also receiving votes this month: the excellent covers of The Secret of the Crown (my personal favorite book cover of the month), The Sultan's Fountain, and Clash of Crowns. I can't remember another month with so many attractive, well-designed royalty book covers. Let's hope this trend continues.

To learn more about these and other recently published books about royalty, visit the Books page.

A few days ago I came across a paperback version of Winter King with a different cover. You can see it here. It's yet another strong, attractive book cover, but I prefer this month's winning cover because I think it's more striking and original. Which Winter King cover do you like better?

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