Royal Week in Review – May 12, 2012

It was yet another busy week for royal news, with a royal death in Sweden, word of two kings' marriage woes, and a hit performance by an unexpected royal weather man.

Plus, the Duchess of Cambridge looked more amazingly elegant and gorgeous than ever.

Royal Death in Sweden
Swedish king's uncle dies at 95

Trouble and strife for the King of Swaziland as one of his 13 wives leaves harem over 'physical and emotional abuse'

A Not-So-Golden Anniversary
King of Spain's marriage 'on rocks' as anniversary ignored

Royal Fashion Frenzy of the Week, Part 1
Her most daring look yet: Kate has an Angelina moment on the red carpet

Royal Fashion Frenzy of the Week, Part 2
Duchess dazzles at Olympic gala dinner

Bonus: Royal Weatherman of the Week!
Prince Charles presents the BBC weather forecast (video)

For more royal news, photos, and videos, visit the News page. It's updated almost every day.

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