She's bringing corgi back

The Queen meets local corgis in SherborneThe Daily Mail reports that Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog breed is back in fashion.

In other Diamond Jubilee news…

Harsh critic Karl Lagerfeld will be providing Jubilee fashion commentary for French TV.

If you're buying your own royal Jubilee souvenirs, here's some advice to help you pick the best collectibles.

A traditional lamprey pie will be sent to the Queen from Gloucester as a Jubilee gift, but it will be made from Canadian fish.

The Sex Pistols' 1977 anti-monarchy song "God Save the Queen" ("She ain't no human being") will reportedly be re-released this month. However, lead singer John Lydon strongly disapproves of others' plans to push the song to number one over Jubilee weekend.

A petition related to Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee has been rediscovered, and it's "the longest public record surviving in the UK."

Photo of the Queen meeting corgis © Press Association. Photo source: The British Monarchy

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