Royal Week in Review – June 2, 2012

Diamond Jubilee, Day One: The Epsom DerbyCelebrations of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee have begun! Her Majesty has reigned for 60 years, making her the second-longest reigning monarch in British history after Queen Victoria, whose reign lasted more than 63 years.

Also in the news this week: a ridiculous Dutch royal news story and very '60s-looking Danish royal dress.

British Royal Celebration Begins!
British queen's racecourse visit launches Jubilee (sorry, link expired)

A Son's Diamond Jubilee Tribute
Prince Charles shares the Queen's home movies (expired)

Royal Documentary of the Week
The Jubilee Queen

Ridiculous Royal Story of the Week
Dutch prince 'ashamed' over toilet-throwing contest

Far Out, Groovy Dress of the Week
Princess Mary's prints make an impression at family gathering

For more news from the world of royalty (and lots of Diamond Jubilee coverage), visit the Royal News page.

Photo: © Press Association. Source: The British Monarchy

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