A roundup of British royal links

Crowds at Buckingham PalaceBBC News Magazine asks: Is Buckingham Palace ugly?

The Telegraph takes a look at the gory history of Gloriana (England's Queen Elizabeth I).

Also from the Telegraph, a tepid review of Penny Junor's new book about Prince William.

From the Daily Mail: former royal aide Jane Andrews, who was convicted of murdering her boyfriend, will stay in jail for at least another year.

The Daily Mail also reports on how Earl Snowdon's daughter saved her father's archive of photos from a fire. (Earl Snowdon was once the husband of Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, Princess Margaret.)

Buckingham Palace photo © Press Association. Photo source: The British Monarchy.

2 Replies to “A roundup of British royal links”

  1. The front part of the palace that has the balcony is a ncie looking edifice. It looks a lot better than what had been the original before it was re-done by King George V. It may need a good cleaning as the stonework looks a bit dirty.
    Since this portion of the palace was built during the early days of the reign of Queen Victoria, I wonder whether it might be a "fire trap" what with the frame of the building being wood. The back or rear portion of the palace dates from the 1700s and probably is a "fire trap". Maybe the building ought to be dismantled and then redone with a steel frame and fireproofing installed.
    The building actully is a hodgepodge. You have the original house sitting there with additions put on throughout the 1800s. Queen Victoria felt a need to have an adequate ballroom, so the room was stacked on top of a portion of the palace and that gives the place a clumsy architectural pile. It's what I call a shoebox sitting up there on top of another building.

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