Royal Week in Review – July 14, 2012

Mick Jagger Vector PortraitThis week's top stories included a royal wedding and the illness of a king, plus some interesting gossip about Queen Elizabeth's attitude toward rock star Mick Jagger. (If you think she disapproves of him, rumor has it you're right.)

Crown Prince Marries
Tonga celebrates royal wedding (link expired)

Thai King Back in the Hospital
Thailand's king treated for brain bleed: palace

Royals Plan to Attend London Games
Albert and Charlene lead royals following Olympic dream

His Satanic Majesty and the Chief Witch
Why the Queen refused to hand Mick Jagger his knighthood

Fashionable Dynasty of the Week
Valentino sold to Qatar royal family for £556 million

For much more news from the world of royalty, visit the News page.

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