Royal Week in Review – July 28, 2012

Olympic Torch RelayThis week, Queen Elizabeth II had lunch with four Prime Ministers and welcomed world leaders to London for the Olympics. She (and her corgis) even found time for an unexpected encounter with Bond — James Bond.

In other news, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco marked their first year of marriage with an awkward joint interview. I wanted to post that video here, but it seems to have already disappeared from the CBS News website. Hmm.

Elizabeth II Honored
Queen has Jubilee lunch with four Prime Ministers (video)

Awkward Interview of the Week
Albert and Charlene open up about their marriage

Let the Games Begin
Queen welcomes leaders to the UK for Olympics (video)

Queen's Granddaughter to Compete
Zara Phillips downplays royal support ahead of Olympics

Unlikely Bond Girl of the Week
The Queen and 007 at Olympics opening ceremony (video)

For more royal news, visit the News page.

Image © Press Association. Image source: The British Monarchy

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