Something rotten

The Duchess of CambridgeIt's a rare royal news story that attracts much attention from non-royal watchers, and I've noticed that most such stories aren't really about royals but the way they are perceived. For instance, this story caused a stir:

Duchess of Cambridge flashes yellow rotten teeth on cover of US political magazine

Of course, this has nothing to do with the real Catherine. Her picture was used to symbolize Britain, and her real, pretty smile was replaced with crooked yellow teeth via photo editing.

Some people find this photo funny and some find it offensive. Some seem to take it as a personal attack on Kate herself. Do you see it that way?

(This reminds me: The late Queen Mother had a far from perfect smile. Would it be offensive to publish this photo on the cover of a magazine?)

Photo of Duchess of Cambridge © Press Association. Photo source: The British Monarchy

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