Empress loses bridge battle to Chuck Norris

Originally published on February 28, 2012. See the end of the post for an update.

Výstavba cyklomosta pokračuje podľa plánuA new bridge in Slovakia will be named after Chuck Norris if Internet voters get their way. (It's probably the bridge pictured at left; I found the photo on Flickr by searching for "Chuck Norris bridge.")

As of last week, more than 70 percent of online voters wanted to name the bridge after the American martial arts star, with the next runner-up, 18th century empress Maria Theresa, receiving only 8 percent of votes.

I've tried but can't find a link to the online poll.

Bridge photo: © Bratislavsky kraj. Some rights reserved.

September 2012 UPDATE: Chuck Norris won the vote, but authorities decided not to name the bridge after him OR the empress. Instead they reportedly went with Freedom Cycling Bridge. Sorry, Maria Theresa and Chuck.

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