Royal bestsellers: September & October 2012

We have an interesting bestseller list this month! As always, the list is based on sales made through the website and its companion blogs, including this blog.

World of Royalty visitors continue to favor books about modern European royalty and, of course, British royals. Once again, half the books on this list are repeats from the previous bestseller list. In fact, the books that ranked #1 and #2 in July/August are still in first and second place.

Historical fiction also continues to be popular, which is part of the reason there is a four-way tie for this list's #3 slot!

I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who buys books through the links on and its blogs. The commissions I receive from Amazon help me to keep the World of Royalty online. Your support is much appreciated.


The Great Survivors by Peter Conradi. Tells the story of eight European monarchies and how they made it into the 21st century.


The Palace and the Bunker: Royal Resistance to Hitler by Frank Millard. A study of the role of German and Austrian royals in Hitler's defeat.

#3 (tie)

The Unfaithful Queen by Carrolly Erickson. Novel about Henry VIII's fifth wife, Catherine Howard.

A Year in the Life of a Duchess by Ian Lloyd. An illustrated look at Kate Middleton's first year as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Noblesse Oblige: The Duchess of Windsor as I Knew Her by Richard René Silvin. The author knew the Duchess in her later life, and describes her as a clever, funny, and loving woman.

The Wild Princess by Mary Hart Perry. A novel in which Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise falls in love with a handsome American recruited by the Queen's Secret Service.

For information on new books about royalty, visit the Royal Books page.

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