2 Replies to “Royal hospital hoax: End to shock-jock pranks?”

  1. After the Radio Jockies got a response from the Nurses' Station. They should have ended the prank at this point.
    Impersonating the Queen and the future King is a crime.

    On the other hand the nurse who alledgely brought her life to an end I cannot judge her but I will presumed that she was a fragile person.maybe

  2. My prayers go to the family of Jacintha who killed herself ( in what is considered an honor suicide in her country because she felt she dishonored her family, the Duchess, and the hospital she loved to work for) because she couldnt live with what that radio station did to her and especially what the Ausie DJ's did to her! especially when she heard the radio station play that horrible tape over and over again!

    I pray for Jacinthas family with all my heart and hope her beloved family get the answers they need so desperately and most of all I hope Jacintha's body will be allowed to be taken to India by her family so they can bury Jacintha with the last writes and tne honor and dignity she deserves!

    God (or Allah) bless you Jacintha and your family!

    Sincerely Sharon

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