Royal bestsellers: November & December 2012

As 2012 drew to an end, World of Royalty visitors were reading books about the fall of European monarchies and the final days of the Russian aristocracy. They also found room on their bookshelves for a new collection of letters by Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother's grandson Prince Charles made it onto this current bestseller list, too, even though his book about living in harmony with nature is two years old. Rounding out the list are recent books about European royal romances and the ever-popular Tudor dynasty.


Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy by Douglas Smith. How a centuries-old elite, famous for its wealth and service to the tsar, was destroyed along with the rest of old Russia.


Imperial Requiem: Four Royal Women and the Fall of the Age of Empires by Justin C. Vovk. About German empress Augusta Victoria, wife of Wilhelm II; Britain's Queen Mary, wife of George V; Alexandra, wife of Russian tsar Nicholas II; and Zita of Bourbon-Parma, wife of Charles I of Austria.


Royal Romances by Leslie Carroll. European royal love stories, including Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon, Catherine the Great and Grigory Potemkin, Marie Antoinette and Count Axel von Fersen.


Counting One's Blessings edited by William Shawcross. The selected letters of Britain's Queen Mother.

and (tie)

Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World by the Prince of Wales. Britain's Prince Charles shares his views on sustainability and climate change. Illustrated.


A Dangerous Inheritance: A Novel of Tudor Rivals and the Secret of the Tower by Alison Weir. Novel about Katherine Grey, sister of Jane Grey, and her distant relative Kate Plantagenet, daughter of Richard III.

As always, this list is based on sales made through the site and its companion blogs, the Royal News Blog and the World of Royalty Blog (which you're reading now).

For more books about royalty, visit the Books page.

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