Royal Week in Review – February 2, 2013

Queen Beatrix abdicates

Queen Beatrix announces her abdication. Photo source: Het Koninklijk Huis. Photo © RVD.

Whew. It was a big week for royal news!

Top Story of the Week
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicates in favour of son

Mourning for Former Monarch
Cambodia's King Sihanouk laid to rest (video)

Belgian King Makes New Year Speech
"Humble" King Albert saddened by recent incidents (video)

UAE Royal Helps Lost Child
Abu Dhabi crown prince sits by roadside with 'lost' school-girl

High Bail for Spanish Royal
(This link has expired)

For much more coverage of the latest royal news, visit the News page.

5 Replies to “Royal Week in Review – February 2, 2013”

  1. Hello, Cinderella: For quite a long time, I have enjoyed However, I recently had to get a new computer and now I cannot get onto the website. I click onto and then, click on the line: "Click here for more royal news". I get a blue screen with no info. I've checked with my antivirus provider and they aren't blocking. I wonder if it could be Microsoft? Have you had anyone else with this problem? Any suggestions? Thank you…Phyllis

  2. when it was first revieled that Queen Beatrix was retiring,
    itsaid that her son would be known as William IV now they arecalling him King Willem-Alexander which makes more sense! But what is the story behind that will he be known by both?

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