Sneak peek: April 2013 new royalty books

Once again it's time for a sneak peek at next month's new royalty books! As always, publication dates are subject to change.

Serving Victoria by Kate Hubbard. Follows the lives of six members of Queen Victoria's household, drawing on their letters and diaries, many previously unpublished.

The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo. How generations of biographers, novelists, and filmmakers have re-imagined Anne.

The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA by John Ashdown-Hill. This expanded edition includes the discoveries of the Leicester dig where the king's skeleton was found.

Twilight of the Romanovs by Philipp Blom and Veronica Buckley. The lives of Russians from 1855 to 1918, told through rare photographs.

Paris Reborn by Stephane Kirkland. Traditionally known as a dirty, dangerous city, Paris was transformed from 1848 to 1870 thanks to Napoleon III and a civil servant, Georges-Eugéne Haussmann.

Blood Between Queens by Barbara Kyle. Novel about the rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.

The full list of new books will be published on the Books page on April 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would probably pick the one about Richard III. Which book would you choose?

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