The World of Royalty turns 15

Today is the 15th anniversary of the main World of Royalty website. I started the site on April 17, 1998. (!!!) At that time it was located on a free site called Geocities. I moved to the domain in early 2001.

I should write something insightful and/or profound to mark this anniversary, but right now all I feel like saying is: Thank you. The World of Royalty's regular visitors have made it possible for the site to stay online all these years. So happy anniversary to you, too.

15 Replies to “The World of Royalty turns 15”

  1. Happy Birthday and many more to come!!! I really have enjoyed this site and often giving you links on Royalty!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful site. Keeping up with the royals is my guilty pleasure 😉 Happy anniversary!

  3. I'd be lost without this very valuable site which has kept me posted on the Royals for many years. Congratulations to Cinderella for keeping this going, without financial gain, since it's inception. I often wonder if the Royals come to this site to see what their relatives are up to. Well, why not?

  4. Thank you to everyone for the very kind comments!

    In reply to Urbane, I do make a little money from the World of Royalty due to ads and Amazon commissions, which is why I've been able to justify putting so much time into the site (although my friends think I'm crazy). Earnings have dropped a lot recently, and I may have to start rethinking how much time I spend on the site, but one way or another it will stay online.

    About whether royals look at the site — I've often wondered that myself! I guess we'll never know, but surely some of them must look at royalty sites sometimes…

  5. Congratulations,

    Since I have retired, Royal nu is number one on my list of interests. It is News Worthy and Educational I am an avid reader of history.
    Thank you for lots of information.

  6. So glad you get some money for doing this. You deserve a big raise.
    Wonder if we'll be able to watch the Abdication and Installation from Holland tomorrow. My fingers are crossed. If you go to YouTube, you can see a lot of the ceremony when "Trixie" as she was known when she lived in Canada, became Queen with full support from Juliana.

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