Two blogs become one

Regular visitors may know that for several years the main site has boasted two companion blogs — (1) the original World of Royalty Blog and (2) the Royal News Blog, which you are reading right now.

For me there have been advantages to running two distinct blogs, but site visitors may have found it confusing. Or unnecessary. Or irrelevant, since the World of Royalty (WOR) Blog rarely received many visitors at all. Most of the action has been over here on the Royal News Blog.

Well, a new era has dawned. Due to an unannounced hike in the WOR blog's hosting fees, I have decided to merge it with the more popular Royal News Blog.

What this means for readers: Not much. Soon you will be automatically redirected to the Royal News Blog when you visit the old WOR blog. For a few days, however, you may continue to see the old, abandoned blog if you visit the domain You may even see the old blog sometimes and the new blog sometimes thanks to the, er, magic of the Internet. By the end of the week everything should be working smoothly.

The main site will not change one iota. Only the blogs are changing. And they aren't really changing much — they're just getting married to create one stupendous superblog. I hope readers of both blogs will be pleased with the results.

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