Americans only like the British royal family?

Commentary from CNN host Erin Burnett on what she perceives as Americans' lack of interest in the Dutch royal family:


My own observation: The Dutch abdication/inauguration took place on a weekday and began around 4 AM in the U.S. EST; as far as I know, it was not broadcast on U.S. television. These factors made it difficult for people in the U.S. to watch. If CNN and other media outlets gave the Dutch royal family as much coverage in the U.S. as they give the British royal family, Americans might be more interested.

3 Replies to “Americans only like the British royal family?”

  1. I do believe the Americans care. It is the media who decides what they will and can watch. Maybe if the Americans had more respect and were positive about such things rather than saying 'they don't care'. It is time for the media to turn the tide and be positive about things. As this is a happy occasion the public know it will not hit the news.

  2. Who are we kidding? Our career politicians here in our country are striving to be life long reigning monarchs. Please vote for TERM LIMITS.

    Please remember that royals don't get to choose their paths in life. Many of these kind people do fear God , unlike our career corrupt reigning pols.

    If our bias media would show more Royal Crown events and the good these people accomplish every day by bringing attention to special causes, maybe more would try to get involved to help a cause.

    Our media would rather focus on Lindsay Lohan and other train wrecks. LOLOLOL. Crikey Moses!

    With kind regards

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