Sneak peek: July 2013 new royalty books

The royal book drought seems to be over! July brings us a big crop of new titles, including a good assortment of historical novels. Here's a sneak peek.

Kate's Style by Caroline Jones. Illustrated guide to achieving the Duchess of Cambridge's look. Includes a directory of her favorite retailers and designers.

LIFE: The Royal Baby by the editors of LIFE Magazine. Special commemorative volume covering previous British royal births and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's happy marriage so far. Illustrated.

The Kings & Queens of Scotland by Timothy Venning. A complete history of Scottish rulers.

Emperor of the Five Rivers by Mohamed Sheikh. Biography of the first maharaja of the Sikh Empire, Ranjit Singh.

The Secret History: A Novel of Empress Theodora by Stephanie Thornton. Theodora's rise from common theater tart to empress of the Byzantine empire.

Venus in Winter by Gillian Bagwell. A novel about a Tudor-era woman, Bess of Hardwick, who married four times and amassed a large fortune.

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory. A novel about Elizabeth of York, wife of England's King Henry VII. From the Cousins' War series.

Visit the Books on or after July 1 to see the full list of new royalty books.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would pick "Venus in Winter" because I love reading about Tudor England. Which book would you choose?

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