Royal baby: Share your predictions!

With William and Kate's firstborn due to arrive some time soon, speculation is running rampant. Will it be a girl or a boy? What will the future king or queen be named?

Well, I think it's time to share my predictions — and ask for yours.

GENDER: Everyone seems to be thinking (or hoping) it's a girl. I've thought so since day one, so I will stick with that prediction.

THE FIRST NAME: Originally my guesses were Elizabeth for a girl and James for a boy. Right now my favorite choices are Charlotte and Henry. (But if Elizabeth or James is chosen, I reserve the right to say "I told you so" just the same!)

Runner-up possibilities, perhaps less likely but possible and interesting: Michael and Alice.

British royal children can have three or more names. I have no doubt that if this baby a girl, Diana will be one of her names.

WHAT I HOPE: I hope it will be a girl named Princess Diana. There seems to be a general belief that the Queen would not approve of this choice, but you never know. The Queen surely approves of good publicity for the royal family, and Diana would be a popular choice. And Prince William has a history of getting his own way when it comes to honoring his mother.

OK, those are my predictions and wishes. What are yours?

UPDATE: As everyone now knows, the baby was born on July 22, and is a boy named George Alexander Louis. So most of our predictions did not come true. Congratulations to Tracy, who correctly guessed that Louis would be one of the names, and to William E. Chappell III for picking the correct birth date!

17 Replies to “Royal baby: Share your predictions!”

  1. I predict a girl

    Name: Victoria or Alexandra (or both!) I also think Mary might be in there somewhere. Victoria mainly because there doesn't seem to be anyone with that first name in the family and it is also extremely regal! 🙂

    If it is a boy, I would suspect James or Michael as possibilities. People have mentioned George but I think it is just so old fashioned sounding.

  2. I agree — right now George is old-fashioned without being unusual enough to sound interesting. Maybe it would be a good choice for William and Kate's first grandchild. But I guess it's a bit early to start speculating about that…!

    I would prefer not to see Mary or Victoria as the first name because there are already crown princesses with those names in Denmark and Sweden.

  3. I am glad kate and william are happy, in love and expanding thejr family. I think the baby should be named diana. After williams beloved mother. That would be such an honor to their family.

  4. I believe it will be a girl and the name will be Diana Elizabeth! Here's to a healthy delivery for Kate and the baby! God bless!

  5. It is a girl, wil be born anytime from 19 and one of her names i think would be. Elizabeth or Georgina after king George.

  6. Brthdate – 22 July 2013, after noon GMT

    I vote SON – Richard Arthur Michael Charles

    IF a daughter – Caroline Alexandra Frances Elizabeth

  7. I predict: Princess Victoria or Prince Michael to be born 24th July.
    Grandma Carol maybe right that this royal baby will be a Leo.

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