Royal Week in Review – July 6, 2013

Cecil Beaton Photographs- Political and Military Personalities; Chahnaz, Princess of Iran, Fawzieh, Queen of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlevi CBM2404

Queen Fawzia of Iran with her husband, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, and their daughter, Princess Shahnaz. Photo taken some time during the Second World War. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons. Photo by Cecil Beaton.

Top Story of the Week
Albert, King of the Belgians announces his abdication (video)

Death of Iran's Former Queen
Princess Fawzia Fuad dies aged 92

No Comment From the Palace
Charlotte Casiraghi's rounded tummy sparks pregnancy rumours

Most Likeable Royal on Earth?
Queen Maxima arrives on a bike in summer dress to open park

And the Media Frenzy Begins
Royal baby mania (video)

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