Royal Week in Review – August 3, 2013


The emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah, in December of 2012. DoD photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo (released). License. Photo source: The U.S. Secretary of Defense on Flickr.

Thailand's Monarch Goes Home
Thai king leaves hospital after almost four years (video)

Amnesty From the Emir
Kuwait's ruler pardons people convicted of insulting him

At the Spanish King's Request
Moroccans protest over royal pardon

Royal Daughters' Court Victory
The princess who has just become India's newest BILLIONAIRE

Wacky Controversy of the Week
BBC apologise for doodle of Prince William (warning: potentially offensive)

As you can see, there's always plenty going on in the world of royalty. To learn what else you've been missing, visit the News page.

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