2 Replies to “The anti-Kate”

  1. why are we paying for yet one more swan job for William & Kate, last I knew Charles is the next in line OR have the FAMILY the Queen done one of her deals ? and intend to bypass Charles if so tell the nation NOW Camilla would make a far better Queen than Kate the commoner with the hangers on of a Family

  2. What a lot of nonsense, Kate will be a perfect queen she has more class than Camilla ever had. Camilla the "rotweiller" will always be known as being responsible for the death of Princess Diana and sleeping her way to the top. The Royal Family should do itself a favour and make Prince William King rather than Prince Charles, (who didnt treat Diana very nicely) as all her dominions will become republic nobody wants a doddering old man for a King when there's a breath of fresh air in the wings

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