10 Replies to “Tongan king and queen visit Queen Elizabeth”

  1. The Queen of Tonga is bowing to avoid any controversy. She & the King know full well that they are despised by the majority of their people. To rub elbows with the likes of HM The Queen is their vain attempt to gain respectability.

  2. I am certain that this visit is exactly what it is purported to be. The British and Tongan royal families have personal ties that go back to Queen Elizabeth's own coronation in 1953. At that time Queen Salote, the grandmother of the present King of Tonga, won the hearts of the British people with her dignity, grace and charm.

  3. Kevin Lindsey, you do not have a clue what you are talking about. The majority of Tongans love their King and Queen both of whom are very respectful, good living Christians.

  4. I think it's the Crown Prince people have a problem with, if there are any problems. Didn't he marry his second cousin?

  5. Queen Nanasipau'u is bowing out of respect for a senior royal which is an echo of a similar symbolic gesture rendered by her husbands predecessor and grandmother HM Queen Salote in the 1950's durring HM Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. @ Kevin Lindsey you obviously don't know anything about my culture and people so please don't presume to know…you obviously have been ill informed….

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