2013 Royal Christmas speeches

King Willem-Alexander

Dutch King Willem-Alexander delivers his 2013 Christmas address. Photo © RVD; foto: Frank van Beek. Photo source: Het Koninklijk Huis

I missed last week's Royal Week in Review because I was sick (sorry), but here at last is a round-up of 2013's royal Christmas speeches:

King: "Dialogue and reconciliation can change the world" (with video)

The Queen's Christmas broadcast (text only; video is unavailable as of January 2014)

Grand Duke looks back on 2013 (with video)

The Netherlands
King makes debut Christmas speech, talks of human relationships

Spain's king urges unity as Catalans hope to split (link has expired)

King lauds 'hard working' Swedes in Xmas speech

For all the latest royal news, visit the Royalty.nu News page.

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