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  1. The Duchess has the most annoying habit of pulling her hair out of her face. She needs to either get it cut so it won't always be in her face, hold it back with pins, or wear a pony tail. She is the only European royalty who has such a noticeable habit. Maybe her advisors need to tell her.

  2. I thought it was truly enjoyable to see the genuine interest and pleasure displayed by both the Prince and his Duchess through out the tour. They are very fortunate to have such a happy, healthy and beautiful little baby and I'm very glad they took him with them. I believe people in both New Zealand and Australia appreciated that this really was a family visit. They have seen more of little Prince George than anyone outside of the Royal family. The hair? I thought it was amazing and a puzzle given that a professional hair dresser was part of the Royal's support team. The two evenings where there were formal affairs I didn't think the professional hairdresser had done anything, I thought the Duchess had done her own hair it was just a 'little off'. Surely the hairdresser could have suggested a different hair style given the wind, or, hair spray to hold it all in place, why else was she on tour with them? I also understood via the gossip magazines 'Hello' (for example) that Her Majesty the Queen was working with Catherine to influence the "working clothes" choices and shared advice with Catherine from her own years and years of tours to help the wife of the future heir avoid showing the world views of her underwear etc. and a little less of the "well to do girl around town". I wonder that Catherine with her level of intelligence (that we notice) if perhaps she isn't being stubborn about it – hope note, keeping in mind one should be careful which battles we choose. I think HM is correct and I hope we will see a more savy, sophisticated new Mummy soon. It is very easy for me (for all of us) adding to this blog, to make critical comments. I'm not watched by media 24/7 nor in the public eye but out of 100 points I would give the new, young Duchess of Cambridge 100 for energy, serious work ethic, fresh ideas to a certain extent and a much happier young Prince William. With a 90 for what she has accomplished in a relatively short period of time. I find it a little spooky though, all of these references by William to his mother via the engagement ring, the poka dot dress Catherine wore leaving hospital, clothes in general, the baptism venue it is starting to (as younger people might say) creep me out. Does anyone share my feelings? We all stand in awe of how well she is doing in this new job, the new position in society, being a new mother and now she will need to take more time adapting her obvious style and good taste to a more cutting edge woman of the world in a class by itself with custom made outfits, perhaps fewer of the cheap and cheerful bits of jewellry for example when 'working' which would allow her to raise an international interest in the British fashion industry. I am almost positive that Princess Mary of Denmark while enjoying all the lovely clothes she now has would possibly prefer to relax as she used to before becoming part of the Danish Royal family. What I have observed is that she has from day one, approached being the Crown Princess of Denmark as a new job to organize and be successful at and makes a concentrated effort to promote the Danish fashion industry, the positive results of which have been acknowledged in their Parliament.
    Back to the initial comment: long hair is so beautiful (and the Duchess has exceptional hair it seems) but it is getting a little "old" seeing it constantly oblivious to the weather conditions and as the previous person mentioned, having to constantly take it off of her face. My personal opinion is that with her hair 'up' the Duchess is even more lovely looking than normal. I don't know who if anyone will read this note but what with style changing in so many areas this year especially, a look that I think is perfect for women in Catherine's position would be the hair gathered at the back in a loose 'bun' and covered with an beautiful hair net (no, not the type worn in a lab or in a restaurant – but the same diamond shaped weave) and where it crosses these points a pearl or a semi or precious gem stone is attached. For everyday, I've seen photos from the American Civil ware where southern women in particular used black velvet hair nets during the day. Just thoughts — time to stop.

  3. Jacquie, you wondered if anyone would read your comment — I did, with interest! I may be in the minority, but I like the natural way Kate wears her long hair, and the fact that she doesn't bow to pressure to change it. Her makeup used to be criticized quite a bit, too, but she has her own look and I think it suits her. That said, she could wear her hair up more often, or in a snood etc., as you suggested. That's nice to see, too.

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