Sorry, Queen Elizabeth, you should've been a singer

News flash! This year Forbes magazine has decided that singer Lady Gaga is no longer more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II. But guess who IS more powerful than the Queen? Singer Beyonce Knowles, who ranks as the 17th most powerful woman in the world on Forbes' latest list, far ahead of Elizabeth II, who is #35.

Poor underpowered Queen Elizabeth. She can travel without a passport, declare war and peace, summon and dissolve Parliament, appoint archbishops, bla bla bla yawn… but you've never seen her do THIS.

One Reply to “Sorry, Queen Elizabeth, you should've been a singer”

  1. That's precisely what I thought. That list is a joke. The only women who is anywhere near QE2 is obviously Angela Merkel. Sorry arse Yankee celebrity worshipping mag. Maybe they confuse wealth and power?

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