6 Replies to “Royals at opening of Princess Grace garden”

  1. I am so happy that Princess Charlene is expecting a baby. I do wish the royals would stop having children out of wedlock and be more circumspect, as I think their current behavior is demeaning to Princess Grace and Prince Rainier.

  2. I wish all these " wannabe " writing about Royalty, would know better than to call de the Grimaldi family of Monaco " Royals "
    They are not Royals, there is not, and have never been a " King o Queen " in this family. Royals are only when descendents of a Kingdom. They are just a " Princely " family, not a Royal family. They have to use only the" Serene Highness " ( just to call them something). They are a very " low " titled family.

  3. The term "royal" is used colloquially for princely families, and I like people to be able to find my sites easily in search engines. If they are interested enough, they'll eventually learn the difference between princely and royal. Prince Albert is the reigning monarch of a nation, and as far as I'm concerned that is high-ranking enough to be called royal.

  4. my prayers are for you and your family. May Princess Charlene and the baby or babies be healthy and blessed.

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