6 Replies to “Prince Albert & Princess Charlene at Red Cross ball”

  1. I think Princess Charlene looks great. Navy blue looks really nice on her. Its been a while since I've seen a photo of her. She looks great. I'm waiting for the baby to come.

  2. I really like the. Monaco royal family I think Charleen looks beautifully. I was in Monaco 6 years ago I really love that city.

  3. I really admire Prince Albert for been a man of very high principle to have waited to carefully choose his wife. Charlene is beautiful, regal, royal and of good physique that compliments this very dutiful Prince of Monaco. Charlene is a true love for Prince Albert and everybody could see how very devoted she is to him. I am sure the whole World love them as husband and wife like I do.

  4. ik vind de prinses er prachtig uit zien, ze zijn heel gelukkig,
    en dat gun ik ze !! En nu maar wachten op het grote dag ,
    van de geboorte, ik kijk er naar uit !! ans

  5. ik ben zo blij dat ze zo gelukkig zijn ,ik gun ze dat van harte!!!!
    ik geniet er zo van,en charlene is een echte mooie prinses,
    en ik verlang al naar de geboorte.

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