Princess Noriko of Japan marries Shinto priest

Japan's Princess Noriko, 26-year-old daughter of the late Prince Takamado, and Kunimaro Senge, a 41-year-old Shinto priest, walk in their wedding procession at the Izumo grand shrine in Izumo, Japan on October 5, 2014. (Photos by JIJI PRESS/AFP/Getty Images)

Upon her marriage, Princess Noriko lost her title and is no longer an official member of the imperial family. Her husband is the son of the Izumo grand shrine's chief priest. Their wedding ceremony was conducted by his uncle, who is also a priest.

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  1. Nice marriage. Too bad they cannot show any emotion or feelings. I wish them the best. A lady who knows what she wants. She will be a wonderful asset to his family and I am sure he deeply and freely loves her.

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