Royal bestsellers: September & October 2014

Recently World of Royalty visitors have been reading about the lives of a Saudi princess, a Buckingham Palace press officer, Russian tsars, and British regicides, plus real-life stories of some very bad royal marriages.


Inglorious Royal Marriages by Leslie Carroll. Outrageous true stories of European royal marriages gone wrong.


On Duty With the Queen by Dickie Arbiter. The author tells about his time as a Buckingham Palace press officer, from escorting Prince Charles on trips across the globe to becoming one of Princess Diana's confidantes.

and (tied)

Princess: More Tears to Cry by Jean Sasson. A Saudi princess speaks frankly about her beloved husband, her strong-willed daughters, the royal Al-Saud family, and what it means to be a woman in Saudi Arabia.


Killers of the King by Charles Spencer. The shocking stories of the men who passed a death sentence on Britain's King Charles I.

and (tied)

Secret Lives of the Tsars by Michael Farquhar. Three centuries of autocracy, debauchery, betrayal, murder, and madness from Romanov Russia.

This list is based on sales made through the website and the Royal News Blog (which you're reading right now).

For many more books about royalty, visit the Books page!

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