Pavlos: No Ordinary King

I received an email from Nikos Politis, a filmmaker who wrote and directed the Greek documentary "Pavlos: No Ordinary King." He is now offering a new book about Greece's King Pavlos (Paul), who reigned from 1947 to 1964, along with a DVD that includes the original documentary and an additional 25 minutes.

According to Mr. Politis, "In the documentary (English subtitles included) the members of the Greek royal family speak for the first time about their father, King Pavlos, and their memories of him. The book is bilingual (English – Greek)."

For more information, visit

Thank you to Nikos Politis for his email!

(2021 UPDATE: I have removed the link because it no longer works. Sorry, but I have no further information on this project.)

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  1. i wrote this guy several Mails and asked About the book and DVD. He promised me every time that I will receive one. NEVER got one. I anyone will sell it please tell me. Looking for it since 2 years!!! also will take a copy of the DVD !!

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