Sneak peek: April 2015 new royalty books

April looks like a fantastic month for royal book lovers! Here's your sneak peek. As always, publication dates are subject to change.

The King in Exile by Sudha Shah tells the story of the fall of the royal family of Burma. Includes photos.

Manchu Princess, Japanese Spy by Phyllis Birnbaum. Aisin Gioro Xianyu (1907-1948), daughter of a Chinese prince, was raised by a Japanese friend to restore the Manchus to their former glory.

The Anatomist, the Barber-Surgeon, and the King by Seymour I. Schwartz. How the accidental death of Henry II of France in 1559 changed the world.

King John by Stephen Church. How a king famous for his misrule gave rise to Magna Carta, the blueprint for good governance.

Joan of Kent: First Princess of Wales by Penny Lawne. Born in 1328 and brought up at English court after the execution of her father, Joan became the mother of King Richard II.

The Emperor Commodus: God and Gladiator by John S. McHugh. Ridiculed by historians since his own time, Roman emperor Commodus is synonymous with debauchery and megalomania.

Rome's Christian Empress by Joyce E. Salisbury. Galla Placidia, daughter of Roman emperor Theodosius I, became regent when her young son was crowned emperor.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I would choose Galla Placidia because it looks so interesting (her first husband was a Visigoth king, and her daughter allegedly tried to elope with Attila the Hun). Which book would you choose?

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