Sneak peek: May 2015 new royalty books

May is going to be yet another great month for royal book lovers! Here's your sneak peek. (As always, publication dates are subject to change.)

The Family of Richard III by Michael Hicks. The Wars of the Roses were quarrels within England's Plantagenet family. The York dynasty won the first war, but the Yorkist establishment shared in Richard III's destruction.

England's Queens by Elizabeth Norton. English queenship from Catherine of Aragon to Elizabeth II.

The Dublin King by John Ashdown-Hill. Examines whether Lambert Simnel was an impostor or one of the lost Princes in the Tower.

Henry VIII's Last Love by David Baldwin. A biography of Katherine Willoughby, who married Charles Brandon, English king Henry VIII's closest friend. After Brandon's death, it was rumoured that Henry intended to wed Katherine himself.

The Tombs of Tibetan Kings by Giuseppe Tucci. The structural, aesthetic and symbolic characteristics of ancient Tibetan royal tombs.

Kingdoms and Chiefdoms of Southeastern Africa by Elizabeth A. Eldredge. Oral traditions and history, 1400-1830.

Napoleon Wasn't Short (& St Patrick Wasn't Irish) by Andrea Barham. A lighthearted look at the myths, fabrications, and ambiguities of world history.

For a full list of new royalty books published in May 2015, visit the Books page on or after May 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, it would have to be Henry VIII's Last Love because I read everything I can about Henry VIII. Which book would you choose?

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