7 Replies to “Albert & Charlene laugh together at Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. She was under great pressure to have children, in order that Monaco would not to revert to the French if no male heir was produced…She does look happy, especially because 2 for 1 relives her of more pregnancies.

  2. I was under the impression that Prince Rainier changed the laws of succession to include his daughters and their children, and that France had agreed to this. Indeed, until the birth of the twins, the heir was Albert's oldest sister, Princess Caroline, and her oldest son, was the next heir. AG is incorrect in the statement that the succession is not male primogeniture. It is. Prince Jacques was born 2 minutes after his sister, but is the heir–because he is male. Women inherit only is there is no direct male heir of the reigning Prince.

  3. I just love the two of them. Prince Albert really chose well. He took his time to pick a good spouse. You can see happiness and joy all over them. Well done Prince.

  4. ik geniet ook zo van die mensen,ze zijn zo gelukkig,!!!!!
    en 2 schatjes van kinderen, en ik hoop dat ze met rust gelaten
    worden . ik ben het eens dat de prins het goed heeft gedaan,
    zo mooie vrouw en lieve en bescheiden.
    ik hou ook van de prins en de prinses,

  5. The above foto's show Albert in a terrible outfir, his

    I would have expected s better fitting slacks!

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