Prince William signs Nepal earthquake condolence book

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge signed a book of condolence for earthquake victims at the embassy of Nepal in London on May 1, 2015. (Photos by Kensington Palace via Getty Images)

William's message: "With my deepest condolences to the People of Nepal, and my thoughts and prayers to all those affected."

One Reply to “Prince William signs Nepal earthquake condolence book”

  1. My prayers for the people of Napal and all the victims of this terrible earthquake. I pray that medical help and food and shelter reach all those in need quickly. My thanks for the great spiritual leadership of the Tibetan tradition and your aide in teaching the world compassion along with all the world's great religious traditions. May healing in body, mind, and soul reach all people on our earth. In Jesus name, blessings to all people everywhere. Amen

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