Kingdom of Italy


I received an email from game designer Stephen Schwartz about his new card game, "Kingdom of Italy." A description from website The Game Crafter:

Set in the midst of a chaotic Italian Social Revolution (1861-1946), Kingdom of Italy will astound you with its opportunity for diplomacy, fast moving play, simple mechanics, involved strategies, and sudden turn of fortune. Not a war game in the classic mold, Kingdom of Italy is a game the entire family can enjoy

You can learn more about the game and purchase it from The Game Crafter.

Last year I reviewed Stephen Schwartz's previous game "Rivaling Royals of Europe." As you'll see from the review, I had fun playing it with family members. It's available from The Game Crafter, too!

One Reply to “Kingdom of Italy”

  1. We played this game and loved it!! Our family is very competitive when we play games, and this game brought out a whole new level of competitiveness! It was intense!! It did give us a taste of what life might have been like during Italy's past! I highly recommend it but it is not for the faint of heart.

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