Royal bestsellers: July & August 2015

What goes on behind the scenes at royal courts? The books on the latest World of Royalty bestseller list can help to answer that question!


The Queen and Mrs Thatcher: An Inconvenient Relationship by Dean Palmer. The two most powerful women in Britain disliked each other on sight. For over a decade they quietly waged war against each other, both personally and politically.


The Eagle in Splendour by Philip Mansel. A look inside the grandeur and extravagance of the court of Napoleon I.


Backstairs Billy by Tom Quinn. Biography of William Tallon, who was the devoted servant of Britain's Queen Mother for more than 50 years.

and (tied)

Elizabeth I and Her Circle by Susan Doran. English queen Elizabeth I's inner circle and the human relationships at the heart of her personal and political life.

This list is based on sales made through the main website and the Royal News Blog, which you're reading right now.

For more books about royalty, visit the Books page!

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