Sneak peek: October 2015 new royalty books

September 25 UPDATE: Wow, since I first wrote this blog post I've found a lot more new royalty books scheduled for publication in October. So here's your revised sneak peek, with more than twice as many books as before!

Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar by Tom Holland. The lurid history of Rome's first five emperors: Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. This is a follow-up to Holland's earlier book Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic.

King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England by Marc Morris. Was England's King John truly a monster? This biography draws on the king's own letters to bring him to life.

Go-Betweens for Hitler by Karina Urbach. How some German aristocrats — such as the Duke of Coburg, grandson of Queen Victoria — helped Hitler's secret diplomacy by providing a direct line to influential contacts, including Britain's Edward VIII.

A Royal Welcome by Anna Reynolds. An illustrated behind-the-scenes look at royal occasions at Buckingham Palace, from state banquets to garden parties and private audiences.

Royal Mothers and Their Ruling Children edited by Elena Woodacre and Carey Fleiner. Essays about royal mothers from antiquity to the early modern era.

Australia and Monarchy by David Hill. The story of the enduring relationship between Australia and the British monarchy

Cleopatra's Shadows by Emily Holleman. A novel that reimagines the beginnings of Cleopatra's epic saga through the eyes of her younger sister, Arsinoe.

As always, publication dates are subject to change. To see the full list of new royalty books, visit the Books page on or after October 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I'd probably choose Dynasty because I've enjoyed reading about ancient Rome recently. (I'm tempted to buy the author's previous book Rubicon, as well.) Which of these books would you choose?

3 Replies to “Sneak peek: October 2015 new royalty books”

  1. If I have a choice in these books, it's hard for me to choose from! I would choose "King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England" by Marc Morris, "Go-Betweens for Hitler" by Karina Urbach, "A Royal Welcome" by Anna Reynolds, and "Cleopatra's Shadows" by Emily Holleman. "Australia and Monarchy" by David Hill, is a very important book not only for me, but also for any monarchist advocating for the preservation of the Australian monarchy.

    I also wish to own "Royal Mothers and Their Ruling Children", but it's too expensive for me after looking at its price on 🙁 Maybe I will buy this book title someday for my personal library in the future, when I have a career as a future historian and money. 🙂

  2. An update: According to, the publication date for "Australia and Monarchy" has been moved to January 2016. (And it's possible that will change again. It often happens.)

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