Spanish royals host official lunch for Jordanian royals

From left to right: Queen Letizia of Spain, Jordan's Queen Rania and King Abdullah II, and King Felipe VI of Spain at the Royal Palace in Madrid on November 20, 2015.


King Felipe:


King Abdullah:


Queen Letizia and Queen Rania:

One Reply to “Spanish royals host official lunch for Jordanian royals”

  1. A perfect lunch, in which both Heads of State are of equal rank, unlike the embarrassing state dinner, which my poor monarch has to host for the Chinese president, whereas Her Majesty could be hosting the Emperor of China, Ming, or Qing, or any another Chinese Imperial House (selected by the Mandate of Heaven, if the Ming or Qing dynasty is considered undesirable by the Chinese people) instead. Down with the People's Republic of China and long live the Emperor of China! This is a what…if scenario that keeps me imagining how different history would be if the Chinese Imperial monarchy wasn't abolished back in 1912. There would be no Mao Zedong, if a executive constitutional monarchy was established in the place of the absolutist model or if the Qing dynasty was careful enough in the Si, but no-Japanese war, which weakened its prestige, then the Chinese Imperial monarchy would survive today, with the help of Chinese monarchists loyal to the Emperor of China. A interesting alternate history scenario.

    Also, Their Majesties King and Queen of Sweden would be greeted by the Emperor of Brazil, if it wasn't for the 1889 republican coup that overthrew the Imperial monarchy of Brazil. Yet, another interesting alternate history scenario.

    As for the Asian monarchist movement, it would be of my best interest to defend my local monarchy of Canada in my country first, to set a good example for the defense of other existing 43 monarchies of the world, and for the restoration of the fallen ones. It would be my life work and life-long royal duty, as a aspiring professional royal historian. Which is why I will be starting my membership with the Canadian Monarchist League in the New Year to defend the Canadian throne of my Queen and Royal Family! God Save the Queen of Canada!

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