Belgian royal family attends Christmas concert

Belgian royals arrive in the Throne Room of the Royal Palace in Brussels before a Christmas concert. (Warning: This video contains flashing lights.)

Troonzaal – Salle du Trône (Kerst – Noël 2015)

Aankomst in de Troonzaal van het Koninklijk Paleis te Brussel vóór het kerstconcert…Arrivée dans la Salle du Trône du Palais Royal de Bruxelles avant le concert de Noël…Video: Koninklijk Paleis/Palais Royal/Königlicher Palast/Royal Palace

Posted by Belgische Monarchie Monarchie belge Belgian Monarchy on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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  1. This is a great video it's great that the Belgium royal family all attended a Christmas concert together somewhere.

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