Kings react to terrorist attack in Ivory Coast

On March 13, terrorists attacked a hotel in the Ivory Coast town of Grand Bassam, reportedly killing at least 18 people and wounding 33 others. Morocco's King Mohammed VI reacted by expressing "Morocco's total solidarity and firm support" to the Ivorian people. He also sent a Moroccan security team to help investigate the attacks.

Now it has been reported that Ivorian authorities have identified the ringleaders of the attack thanks to help from Morocco, France and the United States.

The photos below show Awoulae Tanoé Amon, king of the N'Zima Kotoko people and Grand Bassam, attending a March 20 tribute to victims of the attack.

An article about Ivorian reaction to the attack:
A day at the beach is a way of saying 'we're not afraid' of terrorists

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