Sneak peek: April 2016 new royalty books

Next month brings a strong selection of new books about English and British royalty, the Maya and more! Here is your sneak peek. As always, publication dates are subject to change.

Game of Crowns by Christopher Andersen. The relationships and rivalries of Queen Elizabeth II; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Henry IV by Chris Given-Wilson. Biography of the cultured, extravagant, skeptical 15th century English monarch who crushed opposition ruthlessly.

Cleopatra's Needles by Bob Brier. Built by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, three massive obelisks were moved to Paris, London, and New York in the 19th century under nearly impossible conditions.

Ritual, Violence, and the Fall of the Classic Maya Kings edited by Gyles Iannone, Brett A. Houk, and Sonja A. Schwake. Maya kings whose kingdoms didn't prosper were subject to the destruction of monuments and even violent death.

The Empress of Art by Susan Jaques. Biography of Catherine the Great, who sought to modernize Russia through acquisition of art.

The full list of new royalty books will be published on the Books page on April 1.

If I could only read one of these books, I'd have to pick Cleopatra's Needles because I liked the author's previous book about King Tut. Which book would you choose?

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