Sneak peek at September 2016 new royalty books

Plenty of new books about royalty are scheduled to hit the shelves next month. Here's your sneak peek! (As always, publication dates are subject to change.)

Life in the Georgian Court by Catherine Curzon. Peep behind the shutters of the opulent courts of 18th century Europe at royal scandals, tragedies, and romance.

William I: England's Conqueror by Marc Morris. A brief biography of the Norman king whose disastrous coronation was an omen of catastrophes to come.

Richard II and the Irish Kings by Darren McGettigan. Tells the story of the encounters between England's King Richard II and his reluctant Gaelic Irish vassals.

The Sultan and the Queen by Jerry Brotton. After Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated in 1570, she entered into an unprecedented alliance with the powerful Ottoman sultan Murad III.

Mrs Keppel: Mistress to the King by Tom Quinn. A biography of Alice Keppel, lover of British king Edward VII.

The Black Prince of Florence by Catherine Fletcher. Born out of wedlock to a maid, Alessandro de' Medici was ruler of Florence for seven bloody years, 1531 to 1537.

For the full list of new royalty books, visit the Books page in September.

If I could only read one of the books listed above… hmm. That's a difficult choice to make. I might go for The Black Prince of Florence because it sounds dramatic and I know very little about Medici family. Which book would you choose?

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