Sneak peek: March 2017 new royalty books

March is going to be a good month for royal book lovers! Here's your sneak peek. (As always, publication dates are subject to change.)

The Last Pagan Emperor by H. C. Teitler. Born in 331 or 332, Julian the Apostate was raised as a Christian, but as Roman emperor he tried to revive paganism.

Cnut the Great by Timothy Bolton. Biography of the 11th-century Scandinavian warlord who united the English and Danish crowns.

Isabella of Castile by Giles Tremlett. A biography of of the controversial 16th century Spanish queen.

The Confessions of Young Nero by Margaret George. Fictional account of the Roman emperor's ruthless rise to the throne.

The Enemies of Versailles by Sally Christie. A novel about the Comtesse du Barry, official mistress of aging French king Louis XV. This is the third book in a trilogy about Louis XV's mistresses; the first two are The Sisters of Versailles and The Rivals of Versailles.

Maid of the King's Court by Lucy Worsley. Young adult novel about a maid of honor to Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of English king Henry VIII.

To see the full list of new royalty books for March, visit the Books page on or after March 1.

If I could only read one of the books listed above, that would be a difficult choice because I want to read them all! I suppose I would pick Isabella of Castile because Giles Tremlett also wrote a very good biography of Isabella's daughter Catherine of Aragon. (Read my review here.) But I've also read good books by Margaret George and Lucy Worsley! Which book would you choose?

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