The World of Royalty turns 19… & what's going on with the site

Another year has flown by and the World of Royalty website is now 19 years old. As always, I am so grateful to the site's loyal visitors. Many of you have been visiting since the days when the site started out on Geocities. Later it moved to the domain and expanded to include a message board and blog(s). We even had a social network for a year or two that reached nearly a thousand members.

All along I've received so many kind, thoughtful, and helpful emails, comments, and suggestions which have helped motivate me to keep running and growing the site, trying to make it worthy of its amazing visitors.

This year there's a royal elephant in the room. You may be wondering if the News page is ever coming back. I stopped updating it 11 months ago. As I explained at the time, I was feeling very tired and unwell. It was hard for me to admit even to myself that I needed to rest, but in the end I had no choice.

THANK YOU to everyone who commented and emailed with their good wishes and prayers. It was comforting to me, and helped me accept that I needed to rest whether I wanted to or not. Right now my health is OK — my problems were a combination of things like allergies, digestive troubles, and a whole lot of stress. The more I rest, the better I feel. And I've had more time to think about non-royal things.

Things like: I'm not as young as I used to be, and I'm worried about my future and need to earn more money than my website provides. So no, the News page is not coming back in its old form. I may revive it occasionally, as I did after the king of Thailand's death, but there will no longer be regular news updates.

(As for the dreaded news widget — I tried it, you all hated it, so it's history, too. RIP. But you can still follow me on Twitter for a smattering of royal news and whatever else catches my eye.)

Let me emphasize, is alive and well. I am still maintaining the website and still updating the Royal Books page and other book lists — my favorite part of the site! I'll still post on this blog from time to time. Right now I'm reading a royal biography with plans to write a brief review. You should see that here soon.

This post is already too long, but I want to answer some of the questions I've received. Some of you asked why I don't hire people to update the site… well, I can't afford it. You also asked why I don't sell the site. Answer: Nobody wants to buy it. Except spammers, and don't worry, that's not happening.

The site is my baby, it's worth millions to me, and even without regular news updates I'll try to make it worth visiting. Nineteen years isn't enough. I hope you'll still be visiting when the World of Royalty turns 20.

4 Replies to “The World of Royalty turns 19… & what's going on with the site”

  1. Your health comes before all else. Be well, enjoy whatever makes you happy and know that your work has been appreciated and valued.
    Thank you

  2. I am finding it hard to be patient. You were so successful and so many of us enjoyed your up dates and photos on Royalty. I have opened Hello and am enjoying its coverage. I hope you realize soon how fortunate you have been when so many have not in their careers. You may be your own worse enemy and regret not continuing your pass success.

    1. Sad, I appreciate your honest comments, and I do realize how fortunate I've been in the success of the site. I'm very proud of the work I did on the news page, and so grateful that it is appreciated. I wish I could continue. But the Internet has changed. Big companies are pushing everyone to use mobile apps instead of PCs and the open web, and small websites like mine are dying. Those ads you see on are served by Google and Amazon, but they pay very little. I'm human — I need a roof over my head and food to eat. I'm worried about my future. Because of my dedication to the site and its visitors, I've nearly killed myself to keep up with the frenetic pace of the news. But I couldn't keep doing it forever for a few dollars a day. Finally I had to stop. And believe me, I'm already sorry. If I could find a way to keep going, I would.

      Hello is a good source for royal news. People is doing a great job with royal news coverage these days. Daily Mail is good for photos. If you look around the site you'll find tons of links to informative sites. And you can follow me on Twitter — I still have an eye out for international royal news.

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