Sneak peek: June 2017 new royalty books

So far I've only found a handful (well, an armful) of new royalty books scheduled for publication in June. Here's your sneak peek.

The King Who Had To Go by Adrian Phillips. About King Edward Vlll, Wallis Simpson, and the hidden politics of the abdication crisis.

Diana, the People's Princess by Nicholas Owen. An illustrated look at the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. (Updated from the original 1997 edition.)

As always, publication dates are subject to change. To see the full list of new royalty books for June, visit the Books page next month. (You can go there now to see what was published in April and May.)

If I could only read one of these books, I'd pick the one about the Black Prince's image — although I know most people would not pick that one!– because I'm interested in Victorian England.

UPDATE: According to Amazon, The Image of Edward the Black Prince in Georgian and Victorian England has been rescheduled for September and Royal Teas has been rescheduled for July, so I've removed both books from the list. With only two books left in this sneak peek, I guess I'll pick the one about Princess Diana because she's never boring. Which book most interests you?

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