Sneak peek at April 2019 new royalty books

This sneak peek is a work in progress! It's possible that I'll add a couple more books to the list over the next few days, so you might want to check back later. Meantime, here's a sneak peek at the sneak peek. . .

Aethelred the Unready by Richard Abels. English king Aethelred reigned over a wealthy country for nearly 38 years, but faced challenges that he was unable to overcome.

The Earl, the Kings, and the Chronicler by Robert B. Patterson. The first biography of Robert, Earl of Gloucester, illegitimate son of England's King Henry I.

Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior by Catherine Hanley. This new biography explores Empress Matilda's campaign to claim the title of England's queen.

King Chongjo, an Enlightened Despot in Early Modern Korea by Christopher Lovins. The first detailed analysis in English of the reign of 18th century king Jeongjo.

Publication dates are subject to change — and they do change quite frequently these days.

The full list of April's new royalty books will be published on the Books page next month. But why wait? You can go over there right now to see all of February and March's new books!

If I could only read one of the books listed above, I'd probably pick The Earl, the Kings, and the Chronicler because it's billed as the first biography of its subject. Which book would you choose, and why?

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